Melbourne’s Craft Market under the Stars

Explore the market stalls at Supper Market 2013-2014 summer season to find a wide range of exciting crafts and fashions. We also have a huge selection of other interesting products and services, from massage to terrariums.

The unique and fair trade products you will find at our stalls will have you looking good and feeling great.

While you are there enjoy a calm night out in the warm summer air. Sit on the lawns with some delicious street food from the many market stalls available and relax to the acoustic music played by local artists.



NATIVE BLISS – Chemical-free handmade soaps using natural ingredients only.

December 6, 2013 through to March 7, 2014

native bliss logoNative Bliss is passionate about making real Chemical-Free Soap.
Saponified Pure Olive Oil is a deep moisturiser. Its nutrients and antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent cell deterioration.

Coconut Oil/Butter is moisturising on all skin types. It also helps with psoriasis, dermatitis & eczema.

Organic Clay will give your skin a deep clean. It stimulates circulation whilst drawing out impurities and toxins.
Goat’s Milk is loaded with proteins & vitamins that help rebuild skin and restore your body’s natural PH level.

native bliss soap image

All natural handmade soaps

Soaps purchased off the shelf made in large factories contain harmful ingredients such as:
• parabens
• sulphates
• dyes
• detergents
• petrochemicals
• alcohol



Native Bliss guarantees that their soaps does not contain any of the above ingredients which are harmful to us!
Enjoy everyday groom with Native Bliss handmade soaps, you can smell and feel the difference!
For more information about their products you can go to their website:

SYLK COFFEE – Specialty Coffee.

February 14 through to March 7, 2014


Must try coffee!

Must try coffee!

SYLK COFFEE are Specialty Coffee Roasters based in Melbourne producing single origin and espresso blends from around the world. We are passionate about producing the highest quality roasted coffee, so it is their aim to source the finest green beans from reputable Australian suppliers. Their meticulous approach to roasting ensures that they are getting the most out of the beans, and ultimately the best tasting cup of coffee for customers. They are also distributers of Hario specialty brewing equipment including the Pour over system, the Syphon system, ceramic coffee grinder’s and also the AeroPress.

SYLK COFFEE will be offering taste testing on their stand as well as full cups of coffee for sale if you need a caffeine kick.


KEFI TREATS- Handmade artesian apples

7th and 21st February 2014

An apple will never taste the same again!

An apple will never taste the same again!

The primary range of products Kefi Treats will sell at the Supper Market are a variety of
individually designed and handmade toffee, caramel and chocolate covered apples.

Kefi Treat Apple range includes:
• I Want Candy Apples (Sprinkly Candy & Lacey Candy)
• Chocky Caramel Apples (Sprinkly Chocky, Swishy Chocky & Nutty Chocky)
• Fancy Shmancy Apples (M& M, Lamington, Apple Pie, Pudding, & other seasonal designs)

They use fresh locally sourced apples from orchards not supermarkets, organic if possible, as seasonally available.
They also use locally sourced nuts (as available) and Belgian chocolate.

A must try at the market or bring home treat! Must be eaten within a week to ensure freshness!

A must try at the market or bring home treat! Must be eaten within a week to ensure freshness!


Kefi Corny Treats! The Corny Treats range includes:

• Chock Caramel Corny
• Nutty Caramel Corny
• M&M Caramel Corny


RIBBON AND WOOD by Kate Cini- Gorgeous Hand made wooden toys and ribbon wands

February 7,14, 21 & 28 (2014)


handcrafted ribbons
Ribbon and Wood are passionate about their vintage crafted products, the range include ribbon wands in various colours and sizes, handmade ‘pop up’ cards, vanishing crayons trick, magic “colouring book” trick and handmade ‘jacobs ladder’ illusion toys.

Kate grew up with these toys and began making them / buying them when she had her kids. She couldn’t find any toys in the shops therefore she started making them for her kids. The ribbon wands add to the atmosphere of the event as many children play with them at the time of purchase. Having been to a number of markets over the past 12 months, Kate has not found that her products are in the shops at all. These toys help kids create their own world of fun.

The philosophy for the products on Ribbon and Wood’s stand is simple:

They must:
(i) stimulate curiosity in both the young and old.
(ii) engage the user’s imagination.
(iii) be the type of toy/gift that doesn’t occupy a huge amount of storage
(iv) and finally, it must be the type of toy that parents’ don’t have to hide away at the end of the day!

Make sure you visit Ribbon & Wood if you have kids! Check out her facebook face:


Double sided block puzzle sets

Double sided block puzzle sets

Gorgeous wooden toys, hours of fun stacking fun.

Gorgeous wooden toys, hours of fun stacking fun.

Wooden train blocks

Wooden train blocks




WISHSISTER – Carefree women’s clothing

January 31, February 7, 21 & 28 and March 7, 2014

wishsister logo

Fantastic range of summer dresses

Fantastic range of summer dresses

Wishsister is a clothing label that was started by Louisa in 2010, inspired by her passion for travel and clothing. You will find her range to be very colourful, amazing colours that reflect the culture of some countries Louisa has visited over the years. She search the crazy chaos of south east Asia for brilliant reds and oranges that reminds her of African sunsets; deep forest greens flecked with subtle yellow tones, the shaded forest floors of Cambodia; the azure blues and brilliant whites of Greece and the Amalfi coast of Italy.

Wishsister is at the Supper Market for the rest of the season except for February 14! Come check out range of timeless, unique and carefree clothing. It accentuates the beauty of the feminine form from the petite to the curvaceous.

Wishsister symbolises free spirit and love of life.







Selena Pettifer- Massage Therapist- Resident wellbeing practitioner

February 7,14, 21 & 28 (2014)


massage Selena
Selena has been working as a Massage Therapist since 2002 and has a practice at the Abbotsford Convent.

She has a Certificate IV in Remedial Therapies (Massage Therapy) and a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy. Selena has had much experience in treating various pain, injury, overuse and stress related conditions. She uses a variety of remedial, sports and relaxation techniques in her treatments that include myofascial release, muscle energy technique (MET), trigger point, mobilisation, stretching, cupping, gua sha (spooning) and Reiki. She also provides specialised pregnancy massage. Selena is known for her strong hands, but also enjoys giving a nurturing and restoring relaxation massage, or a maintenance massage for general well being.

Selena is a member of the AAMT and is registered with health funds. Selena is one of the practitioners at Wellbeing at the Convent, and also provides massage at Natural Therapeutics in Brunswick. She uses a massage table in the clinic, but will be massaging with a professional massage chair at the Supper Market. We are lucky to have her at the Supper Market in February.

You can find her on facebook:

KATIE ELLEN – - Psychic Medium & Palmist

January 31 and February 7 & 21, 2014


Psychic Medium & Palmist

Psychic Medium & Palmist

Katie’s primary gift of Claircognizance, provides a swift psychic download from spirit. Having honed it over 15 years Katie can get to the heart of the clients inquiry in a short 10 minute reading. A great deal of information can be shared in a very short time frame. Her tools are the Goddess Oracle or Palmistry. Her diverse clientele ranges from lawyers, artists, stay at home mums and students.

Katie’s skillsets include:
• Natural Medium with strong Psychic Abilities including Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Claircognizance developed over 15 years
• Empathic with Healing Skills
• Strong Analytical & problem solving skills
• Patient, Compassionate Listener with extensive Customer Service experience

Her readings are in ten minute sessions, you can book for two sessions if you need a longer reading.


If you would like to book her for private functions, you can contact her via her email address: kellen729 at gmail dot com