What’s on

2017 Season Program

Live band every week. Dancing encouraged.

Damon Smith

The Every Men are a piano and drums duo that just love all the old stuff!
Think Blues/New Orleans/piano and drum theatrics like never seen before.


All Day Fritz

All Day Fritz play rootsy, swingy,rowdy, melodious, harmonious music for humans of all ages.Join well known performers  Karen Davitt (Blue Heelers, Madcows), John Fleming (Scared Weird Little Guys), Jane Bayly (Crying In Public Places) and Boris Conley (Spaghetti Western Orchestra)for dancing ,laughter ,and a taste of great music from a range of musical places.


All Day Fritz



Since coming together in 2006, this dynamic group has firmly established themselves as one of Melbourne’s premier Celtic/Folk bands. Although their roots are based in traditional Irish music, they enjoy and engage with many other styles and genres. Singing in Ireland’s ancient Gaelic language and in English, they’re harmonies soar to the heavens and the group are ever evolving, expanding on their world music component. With the addition of their own material, songs and tunes, they strive to bring something unique and most importantly, entertaining, to every performance.



Asanti Dance Theatre

Musicians from the Asanti Dance Theatre will join us on January 27th. Having wowed audiences at a variety of events including Woodford Folk Festival, the Australian Dance Awards, Sydney Opera House, and headlining New Years Eve at Federation Square, Asanti Dance Theatre are Australia’s leading African dance company.

Joined by international guest artists from their company in Ghana, the group specialise in traditional and contemporary African dance, music and acrobatics the company display an extensive skill set that will leave you speechless. Undulating torsos, flips through rings of fire, raw energy, exhilarating dance moves and phenomenal acrobatics are just some of the elements you can expect from a performance by Asanti Dance Theatre.

Asanti Dance Theatre

The Duck Downpickers

We play acoustic-zyda-Jug-holy-billy-blues a little tongue in beak!

Duck Downpickers


Rachel By The Stream

Melbourne-based duo Rachel By The Stream deliver a high-energy, animated sound that draws from pop, reggae and dance to create something completely unique “a totally distinctive talent” (ToneDeaf). Their fierce musical and technical prowess sees them meld the live with electronic, with an emphasis on song craft, through multi-instrumentation, on-the-fly looping, innovative sample triggers, and evocative vocals. A massive sound and a positive message set dancefloors and hearts alight.

rachel by the stream


Zucchini Clan

Zucchini Clan is Professor EcoCentric, a brilliantly bemused old-world curiosity, and Miss Lily Green, a charmingly cheeky advocate for sustainable communities.
Melding classic acoustic instruments with contemporary electronica, this is a lively auditory and visual treat. With unique songs, flamboyant costumes and kooky, madcap hilarity, Zucchini Clan brings out the big kid in us all. This is inspired entertainment for free range kids, families and fine, funky folk of all ages!

Zucchini Clan